Who is Wilson ?

We are an expert in manned security services and providing solutions. Our core members of managerial team are formed by specialists with strong security background from worldwide and sizable security firms in different aspects including Management, Operations, Human Resources and Training. We do not only provide security personnel, we also provide professional security solutions.

Why Wilson?

We provide professional security consultancy solutions to our business partners including access control, event management, facilities management and review of security equipment & facilitates. We are providing solutions to our business partner as below:

Risk Assessment

Security, Health & Safety Audit

Event Management

Facilities Management

Where is our Position?

It is our goal to provide quality and professional security services to our customers. As each customer is one of our key business partners, Wilson commits that we shall not solely deploy well trained and qualified frontline security personnel to customers’ sites to cope daily routine security duties, monitor our security personnel through electronic systems, we also keen to support our frontline security staff regularly through strong supervision and to proactively provide professional advices to our business partners.

We work closely with our business partners to ensure delivering of customer orientated service to fulfil actual needs. It is the position of Wilson that we are an expert in market to provide solutions instead of to provide heads.

What is our Strength?

We provide high caliber frontline security guards. Each security guard in Wilson has undergone a comprehensive and extensive training with aims to provide a professional and specialized security service to our customers. We ensure the quality of manned security services by:

  • Identifying motivated individual preferably with a clear and suitable background in security related fields to develop a pool of experienced and professional security guards;
  • Offering an attractive and market compatible remuneration packages;
  • Delivering comprehensive and extensive training/coaching by well recognized operators with solid experience in security;
  • Ensuring all personnel within the team are supervised and monitored closely to provide quality services and to identify rooms for improvement.